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Saliva chicken

Spicy Mixed Vegetable Seasoning(3680 g)
Applicable recipes: noodles, rice noodles, cold dishes series, spicy Sichuan skewers, saliva chicken

Main material: chicken 200g

Auxiliary materials: chopped peanuts 10g, shallots 5g, green onions 10g, ginger 5g,  TYM white sesame 5g, cucumber slices 40g, chicken soup 10g, spicy mixed vegetable seasoning 80g


Using ratios:  spicy mixed vegetable seasoning:soup=8:1


Cooking methods:

1.Boil water in a pot and put chicken into cold water, add cooking wine, green onions, and ginger to the pot. Remove the chicken after it’s well-cooked, cut into strips. Then place the cucumber slices at the bottom of the bowl for after use.

2.Place the chicken strips in a bowl firstly, add spicy mixed vegetable seasoning and chicken soup into other bowl, stir evenly and mix well, then drizzle over the chicken.

3.Then sprinkle with TYM white sesame, chopped green onion, and chopped peanuts.


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