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Fish-flavored pork

Fish Flavored Seasoning(3680g)
Applicable recipes: Fish-flavored pork, fish-flavored pork elbows

Main material: Pork slices 120g, shredded green bamboo shoots 150g, carrot slice 50g

Auxiliary materialsGinger granules 10g, garlic grains 10g, shredded fungus 50g, chopped green onions 5g, fish flavored seasoning 60g

Using ratios: Fish flavored seasoning:water=1:5

Cooking methods:

1.Peel and shred the green bamboo shoots, peel and shred the carrots, shred the fungus and wait for use.

2.Put oil in the pot, then add shredded green bamboo shoots, carrot slice, and shredded fungus into the oil pot and drain them out.

3.Add the ginger granules and garlic grains to the pot and stir-fry until fragrant, put pork slices, shredded green bamboo shoots, carrot slice and shredded fungus into pot and stir-fry evenly. Then add the fish-flavored seasoning, mix well and sprinkle with chopped green onions.


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